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Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) is a valuable, unmounted experience with horses where trained facilitators use the  horse to provide an opportunity for individual and team growth for our students.  Participants work in teams in a fun and supportive atmosphere, partnered with horses and in the process learn valuable life skills.  EFL brings together powerful elements in a combination that produces results:

Positive Learning Environment
+ Objective Based Exercises
+ Effective Facilitation
+ Horses


EFL is effective because it combines a true understanding of the roots of horse behaviour with the knowledge of human behavioural principles.  These two are melded in an interactive format of curriculum and exercises.  All aspects of the program are delivered with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism by trained facilitators.  The horses do the teaching ... opening the possibility for each participant to create their own "AHA" moments.  While the EFL experience may be therapeutic, it is NOT therapy.  It is an experiential learning program.

Please contact us to discuss your learning objectives, timetables and our fee structure.  Each program is tailored to the particular group of participants.





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