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A horse's natural environment is the wide outdoors.  At Heart's Haven Ranch, we provide a variety of spaces for our horses to live in.  Corrals range from 60' by 120' to 200' by 200' in size, with a varying number of horses in each one.  Our smallest corral houses two ponies and two miniature horses, while the largest is designed for a herd of ten.

Each corral has shelter as well as an automated waterer.

We currently have a 60' round pen and an 80' x 180' indoor arena, with an 80' x 160' riding surface as well as tack storage and a tack-up area.  Future plans include two new outdoor riding surfaces: a 150' circular ring near the round pen, and a 100' x 200' surface to the east of the indoor arena.  Stay tuned for updates on our progress.



We feed three times a day - morning, mid-day and evening.  The amount of feed will vary by horse, depending on their needs.  We supply either straight grass hay, or an alfalfa/grass mix hay as part of your board.  Free choice salt and minerals are also provided.  Supplements and medications are the responsibility of each horse's owner.



In order to ensure quality health care for your equine friend(s), we can put you in touch with the following equine professionals:

Farrier: The fellow we use is a certified farrier.  He recommends trims every 6 - 8 weeks to maintain optimal hoof health for your horse. Because of the number of animals we have here, we see him almost every week.

Veterinarian: We have access to an excellent clinic that provides a wide range of veterinary services, including emergency care when needed. These folks are large animal specialists.

Equine Dentist: Twice a year, we schedule a visit from an equine dentist.  This person specializes in dental health for equines, and is happy to explain each step of the process to you if you are interested. Just like us, horses need regular dental care to ensure good overall health.

For further information on any or all of these services, just give us a call.

All fees for these services are the owner's responsibility.  Please see your Boarder's Agreement for further information.



Due to the increased cost of feed, please note that effective September 1, 2015 our monthly board is $350 per month (GST incl.) and includes use of the indoor arena at non-scheduled times.


Last Updated: 25 August 2015