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Summer Camps

Each summer at Heart's Haven Ranch we offer camps for kids.  In these camps kids can learn about horses, try their hand at horse-painting, play lots of games and enjoy other fun activities.  We have camps for beginners, camps for intermediate riders, and everyone in between.  Some camps are bareback and some use saddles.  Each camp has a different focus.

Our 2019 camp schedule and fee information is available through the menu on the left of this page.  If you have any questions about our Camp Programs, please contact Roxy at "info at heartshavenranch dot ca" via email, or give us a call.


YOUTH Personal POWER Workshops (Ages 8-10)(Ages 11-13)(Ages 14+)


In this inspiring ONE DAY or TWO DAY (for older youth) workshop, co-taught by our horse friends, youth will confidently recognize themselves as the WONDERFUL, POWERFUL and AMAZING human beings they already are.

Through fun, creative and interactive activities, with horses and each other, this workshop will nurture SELF AWARENESS, so each person can discover their INNER WISDOM, and PERSONAL POWER that facilitates BALANCE of BODY, MIND and SPIRIT.

No horse experience needed. All horse activities are unmounted.

See Schedule at left for dates and fees.

Roxy Wright, workshop facilitator, is a Certified Equestrian Canada Instructor, Certified Eponaquest Instructor, Certified EFT Practitioner and Certified Louise Hay Heal Your Life Workshop Leader. She has been teaching and mentoring youth for 35+ years.


Beginner's Camp (6 years and up)

 This is where it all begins at HHR. Here we lay the foundations for our relationship and understanding of the horse. This is a fun camp with lots of co-pilots helping everyone be safe and secure with and on a horse. The riding is bareback, the fun is abundant and the skills move ahead quickly. Students learn safety first and then add grooming, ground work and riding to their list of accomplishments. In this camp we get a really solid understanding of the horse and why he behaves as he does. We even get to paint our ponies, too.


Fun & Games Days

These one day experiences are full of fun and games!  The day is dedicated to activities both on and off the horse.  We have relays, flag games, soccer (yes, the horses do play soccer), and often the kids - of all ages - create their own games.

Interlaced throughout the day, we introduce the participants to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) - a set of skills to help them deal with any stress that may arise.  As the rider and horse figure out how to apply the various skills required to complete a game, stress will happen.  EFT is a simple, and extremely effective, tool to quickly navigate and dissolve the "charge" of heightened emotions, allowing the brain to again do what it does best - problem solve.

Prerequisite: Rider must be able to walk and trot independently.


Saddle-up Camp

This is the next step after Beginner’s camp and a place to work on your Rider Levels 1 and 2. You will be introduced to the English saddle and started in basic riding skills in a saddle. The pace will increase from Beginner’s camp and there will be class riding and individual time. This is a skills-based camp. There may be some jumping depending on the level of the students. You will learn about horse care and feeding, as well as equine first aid. We will do some trail riding as well. This is a great camp in which to further your riding skills and work on your Rider Levels. If you already have your Level 1, we will move you forward into your Level 2 work.

 Prerequisite: HHR Beginner’s camp or equivalent


Mountain Ride Camp 

The camp starts out at the ranch, where we cover the skills necessary to riding on the "open range".  For those who have only ridden in arena settings, this can be a real eye-opener!  Riders can choose whether to ride in English or Western tack (depending on saddle availability).

Day two takes us out to the Milk River Ridge, and allows our riders to experience some introductory trails.  We will wind across open meadows, up and down hills, and cross a creek or two.  During the day, we often see a variety of wildlife (and cows too).  Riders will learn how to care for their horses in what, for most, is a new setting. 

On day three, we trailer the horses out to the mountains west of Cardston, where riders get to experience a whole new environment - from rolling foothills, to secluded lakes and "brush-busting" through the willow scrub and alpine forests.

Of course, we can never predict the weather completely, so riders will be encouraged to bring along a couple of layers, plus a raincoat or slicker just in case!  Be prepared for huge grins, dirty faces, and tons of fun!

Prerequisite: Riders must be able to walk and trot independently.  See Roxy for further details.




Last Updated: 10 Apr 2018