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hhr logo 2HISTORY

In 2007, Heart’s Haven Ranch started as an empty barley field 5 minutes SW of the town of Raymond, Alberta.  That fall, it sprouted a new crop – corrals, horse shelters, lights, automatic waterers and a basic outdoor arena. Our first summer, friends from the Calgary riding community we were leaving asked us if we would put on a summer camp for their kids. That was the start of our adventure here.

In November 2011, construction began on an 80’ x 180’ x 20’ arena building. The shell was completed in less than four weeks, but it is still a work in progress! Radiant gas heating was added in 2012, and insulation in 2014. Most recently, we have added office space, classrooms and storage on the mezzanine in the north end of the building.  Check out the Facilities section lower on this page for more details.

The Ranch owns and occupies 71 acres of land just 5 minutes southwest of Raymond, 25 minutes south of Lethbridge, and approximately 2-1/2 hours south of Calgary.  We have paved access via Highway 844 which is maintained year-round.

The following video highlights our history, from 2007 - 2014: HHR History (16:26 long)





Horses bring us a unique opportunity to work with a creature that simply cannot lie.  As prey animals, horses are extremely sensitive to our intentions and energy.  They know how we are feeling even if we don't … and their reactions reveal information about how we really come across to others.  They show us how to communicate more honestly and clearly by helping us identify self-limiting patterns that can keep us stuck.  They also reward us with trust and full engagement as soon as we become more authentic.

"What horses need to hear from us is what many of us would like to hear from ourselves, and each other.  They need us to have a calm, focused assurance.  They need us to be consistent. They need us to be assertive yet non-threatening.  They need us to be both strong and compassionate.  In short, horses need us to be our best selves."


Chris Irwin - Horses Don't Lie


 Balance is the quest of all beings.  It is the real element that keeps us on our horses, and productive in our life off the horse.  It is not the tack that we put on the horse, but the balance of our energies - both inner and outer - that decides whether we are in tune or not; whether we are walking in “Iyputala” (the Lakota term for "oneness") for however many strides we find possible.  This work, either on or off the horse, will quickly illuminate for us our areas of imbalance and give us the choice to change and grow within that knowledge, or turn away from it and stay the same.  Horses are forgiving creatures, though, and will meet us again and again with renewed faith and energy.  Can we come to ourselves with that same perpetual forgiveness?






img 6575mOur facilities include eight large corrals, yard lights and automatic waterers, a 60' round pen, an 80' x 180' heated indoor riding arena, a 150' round outdoor riding ring and a variety of sheds and outbuildings housing feed, tack and other supplies. We have stadium jumping equipment, and two cross-country jumping courses.







Our services include:

- Linda Kohanov's Eponaquest programs
- Equine Canada Rider Development
- Therapeutic Riding
- Equine-Assisted Learning
- Horse boarding and training 


 For more information about any of these offerings, and how we are dealing with the current government health protocols, please check out the PROGRAMS tab on the left side of this page [hidden while Under Construction], or call us at (403) 752-0057.  We'll be glad to answer any questions you might have.



Heart's Haven Ranch is the premiere provider of Equine-Assisted Learning in Western Canada, through the delivery of innovative, interactive training programs to our clients and community. We are a socially and environmentally-conscious organization.






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