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Therapeutic Riding

What are the Benefits?

The benefits of riding a horse vary from rider to rider.  For the physically impaired, a horse‚Äôs walking motion provides for its rider a close approximation of a normal, human walking motion.  For all riders, the physical benefits of horseback riding may include improved balance, coordination, sensory integration and increased motor skills.

Muscles may be relaxed and stretched and spasticity (tightness) reduced.  Riders with weak muscles may find core strength improved as they learn to achieve better posture.  Other physical benefits may include an increase in the range of motion for certain joints as well as improved respiration and circulation.

Riding may also provide emotional benefits via a sense of achievement or the satisfaction of taking and overcoming risks.  It provides persons with disabilities a sense of normalcy, as this is an activity which most any person can take part in.  Riding can be highly motivating for some individuals and great for increasing self-confidence. It is a fun and enjoyable way to have "therapy" in a non-therapeutic setting. The horses are the therapy equipment.

Heart's Haven Ranch is certified as a Provisional Therapeutic Riding Centre, under the auspices of the Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association (CanTRA).  We offer therapeutic riding for physically, emotionally and mentally challenged persons of all ages.  

Please contact us for details, as each riders' program must be individually tailored to their needs.


Our Therapeutic Riding and Early Rider programs are run in blocks.  Lessons are 50 minutes long at $43.00 per lesson (plus GST where applicable).

This year's lesson blocks are as follows:

FALL           Sep 30 - Nov 25   (9 weeks)

WINTER     Jan 6 - Mar 16     (10 weeks)

SPRING      Mar 30 - May 25  (8 weeks)


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