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Explore powerful tools, techniques and experiences in this 3-day workshop that will help each of us develop a stronger sense of personal stability and peace.


About this Workshop

Life is a constant balancing act.  Most of us have questions about how best to achieve that.  If you haven't done so already, we encourage you to ask yourself the following questions as well:

     - What does personal stability mean to you?

     - In what ways or areas do you feel unstable?

     - Would you like to create more inner resources that can be utilized "in the moment" to bring yourself back into balance when life upsets your equilibrium?

In this 3-day workshop we partner with our Horse Masters to learn EFT, Qigong, Louise Hay "Heal Your Life" principles and guided meditation in a marriage of modalities that share the empowering pivot of LOVE.

As we connect with horses, through specifically designed experiences, we literally TAP into the wisdom that resides within each of us. When we validate our own intuition as a trusted, SAFE guiding force, we develop a stronger sense of stability and safety in the world, no matter the turbulence.

"Stability is an inside job." Roxy Wright

Lifes' experiences tend to embed an emotional charge in us that has us subconsciously hanging on to behaviours that no longer serve us, because we feel "safe" in that space. Using a variety of techniques, working with horses we learn to create a new, safer, more functional inner space - creating true Personal Stability.



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