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There are many leadership models and instructional programs available to corporations and teams. While they all may offer a level of success, it is virtually impossible to impart the intuitive skills necessary to embody true leadership through books and lectures, or even fun team-building exercises. Those only access about 10% of our learning capacity because they focus on the brain amassing information, and then sifting through it for skills to use in any given situation.


However, 90% of our communications are nonverbal. It has been clinically proven that the molecules carrying emotional information, called neuropeptides, are generated not only by the brain, but also by sites throughout the body, most dramatically the heart and the gut.

We are all aware of the bias built into the Western idea that the mind is totally in the head, a function of the brain. But your body is not there just to carry your head around. The research findings indicate that we need to start thinking about how the mind manifests itself in various parts of the body and, beyond that, how we can bring that process into consciousness. We know that the immune system, like the central nervous system, has memory and the capacity to learn. Thus, it could be said that intelligence is located not only in the brain but in cells that are distributed throughout the body, and that the traditional separation of mental processes, including emotions, from the body is no longer valid. Your body IS your subconscious mind."

Leadership is a Relationship. A management title means nothing without relationship, and relationships are earned, not granted. Exit interviews show that over 80% of employees quit because of poor management relationships, not their job requirements. When we work with horses, it becomes clear what brings ease and excellence, and what creates mistrust, confusion and chaos. Success or failure are directly linked to a leader's skill in responding to what each individual on their team brings to the table at any given moment. Every office community creates their own unique culture, and that culture either impedes or stimulates creativity and productivity. It all affects the Bottom Line!


In this 4-day Leadershop Workshop Series, we will expose, share and learn to embody, and therefore really employ effective leadership tools. These skills are co-taught in partnership with our horse instructors who are acutely adept at reading their environment - which includes their herd mates' mental and emotional states - and responding instantly.

When we make an adjustment in our own behaviour, or even our thoughts and intentions, the horse will adjust as well. We get instant biofeedback. These adjustments are exhilarating because they are so immediate! A horse holds no grudges and never uses our vulnerabilities against us.

The only actions we get to control are our own. We change - the horse changes. It's that simple.

Retention rates of these new skills skyrocket, because they have been experienced in the mind and body. They become our default mode and change our very nature. This jump-starts the process of creating exceptional individuals and teams.

Our 4-day program is best delivered to groups of 4-8 people in two 2-day sessions, with a period of 1-2 weeks between them. This is intense work, and the break allows time for us to internalize the learning. Clients go back to the workplace and begin to use the new insights and skills they have learned and see how it all fits together. When participants return for the final two days, they now have a history of successes and insights to share and build upon. They are always bubbling over with stories to tell, and insights regarding the tools they are utilizing. That's the part that is really exciting to feel and share.

This 4-day program is based, in large part, on Linda Kohanov's books "The Power of the Herd", and "The Five Roles of a Master Herder." Workshops are facilitated by Professionals trained and certified directly by Linda Kohanov.

In this workshop you will integrate skills from these books into your professional and personal toolbox, including:

  • How to develop safe community / office environments that become cohesive and trust-based.
  • Mind-body awareness and how that is critical to professional functioning.
  • Setting and consistently holding healthy boundaries in a respectful manner.
  • Emotional Agility and how to use it in a professional setting without ever talking about the emotions.
  • Making and keeping connections in a respectful way.
  • The Five Roles of Effective Leadership and how to move quickly through all roles as required by the circumstance. These roles are fluid and require intellectual and emotional agility.
  • Accessing and using emotions as information (4 step formula).
  • Motivation formula to move individuals and groups to take positive action without micromanaging.
  • Recognizing nonverbal stress responses in self, individuals and groups. Simple, invisible calming actions you can take to restore order and build trust.
  • Growing into consensual leadership models, where all people are valued.
  • Working with horses puts theory into practice!!! They teach Advanced Leadership Skills!!!!

For corporate teams, workshop content and format can also be customized according to the group's needs and expectations. To assist with the cost of training, your firm can access the Canada-Alberta Job Grant to pay for up to two-thirds of the direct costs of training. Visit this link for more information.


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