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Roxy biopic smallRoxy Wright

Roxy is a life-long learner. In pursuing her passion for understanding human potential, she studies a wide variety of techniques and information.

Intrigued by the way she saw horses facilitate emotional progress in at-risk youth in her foster home, she went on to become an Equestrian Canada Riding Instructor, a CanTRA Therapeutic Riding Intermediate Instructor, a Level 2 Centered Riding Instructor, and a Level 3 EFT Practitioner. Roxy also completed Linda Kohanov’s Eponaquest Instructor apprenticeship in Equine Facilitated Learning and is a Licensed Louise Hay Heal Your Life Workshop Leader® and Life Coach®, and a trained Voice Dialog facilitator. She has also studied the Silva Mind Control Method, NLP, ancient sacred writings, and practices Qi Gong and meditation daily.

Roxy works in close partnership with her husband, Stuart and the horses and staff at Heart’s Haven Ranch to bring you life-changing opportunities for personal and professional growth through their Award-Winning Equine Facilitated Learning programs and workshops.


SGW 20140614Stuart Wright

Stuart, our co-owner and General Manager, is a retired military veteran who has experienced extraordinary results with our horses here at the ranch.

In fact, he acknowledges the power of the horses’ healing ability that’s helped him deal with his own PTSD and depression.

Stuart will be one of our facilitators and is a powerhouse of a man doing things that really help the people we love most to get better and feel stronger for everyday life.

Stuart brings a ton of consulting and corporate leadership experience to the arena, along with a Bronze Level certification from Chris Irwin's Horsepower. He earned a Master's degree in International Business from the University of Calgary and has several professional certifications in logistics and project management. He has also studied Voice Dialog and Equine Facilitated Learning.


Lindsey biopic

Lindsey Ellers

Lindsey is heading up our Social Media Marketing, so we can help the world know about what a good thing we've got going in our neck of the woods!  She is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah but comes up for visits regularly here at the Ranch.

If you ask her on a good day, she can actually lick her elbow for you – which is supposed to be impossible… pshhht. Lindsey is a graduate from BYU-Hawaii with a Bachelor’s in Communications; a Life Coach who runs luxury women’s retreats internationally; a Reiki Master; and a Yoga Master and has all kinds of other certifications and life experiences which makes her a great fit for our holistic approach to wellness and healing at the Ranch.

Feel free to give her a warm welcome and even some e-hugs as she helps take us out to an international level and helps add to the magic of what we already do. We love you, Lindsey!